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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Welcome to icoBlog.com

To those of you who frequent Iconico.com and BitsDuJour.com you'll know that we've never had a blog, well with the launch of icoBlog.com we're very happy that that has all changed! The release coincides with our new site redesign, which we're sporting here.

We've got a lot of plans for icoBlog, starting off with all our latest news and updates, but we're also going to be giving away marketing tips for software developers and publishers, technical articles on web design and usability and our own 2 cents on everything related to running a web-centric software company.

So lets kick things off by a few introductions and a little back story if you're new to the site. Iconico, Inc. was formed several years back by myself, Nico Westerdale, and came from humble beginnings. Our initial piece of design software, the Screen Calipers, and the free ColorPic kicked off Iconico.com, and over the ranks our range of software titles has swelled to include a whole host of indispensable applications. Over the recent years we've concentrated more and more on the marketing side of software, and we started to partner with developers and sell their software through Iconico. Iconico's focus has always been on software that's effortless to use, and of course we do our fair share of consulting too with a host of top-notch techies on tap here in New York City for the larger projects we get involved with.

This was all going very smoothly until last year I got an email stating that BitsDuJour.com was for sale. If you don't know BDJ (or "Bits" as we affectionately call it) offers daily discount deals on software, getting those deals straight from the developers. We took on BDJ, and totally re-wrote it using ASP.NET, providing a platform that we've been promoting in all types of interesting ways. Of course all this promotion requires a full time editor, and Roger Thomasson fills those shoes, selecting software and writing reviews for BDJ and has some great tips that I'm sure he'll share here on micro-marketing.

Well that's the overview, welcome to icoBlog. We'll have much much more on what I've touched on here, and we'll be sharing the lessons learnt on what can be a tough business. As always feel free to comment or get in touch.
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Anonymous said...
Hey Nico,

Nice to see you got into blogging as well.

Looking forward for great content to come!
Unknown said...
Thanks Cristian, glad to see you're reading this too.

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