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Sunday, December 27, 2009

ColorPro 2.0 Released

ColorPro 2.0 has been released. To update to this new version you will have to quit ColorPro 1.0 if it's running then download and install ColorPro 2.0.

Here are the new functionalities and improvements added in version 2.0.

1. Color Chip shapes can now be set to:
- rectangles
- ellipse
- rhombus
- honeycomb1
- honeycomb2

2. Color Pickers show now extra color spaces:

3. Color complement selection (based on Hue). Selection of complements is available from a "star" like figure.

4. Color Chip/Palette wide color value modification by applying addition or substraction of:
- RGB sliders (add/substract individual R, G, B channels or all R, G, B channels at once)
- CMYK sliders (add/substract individual C, M, Y, K channels or all C, M, Y, K channels at once)
- HSV sliders (add/substract individual H, S, L channels or all H, S, L channels at once)

5. Color Chip/Palette wide color value modification by applying filters :
- Same filters as above for R, G, B and C, M, Y, K channels

6. Searching palette is now possible in the 'Palettes' tab. Search is done by Name, description, number of chips, palette type, user color name of the chip, user color description of the color chip and user color key of the color chip.

7. Exporting palettes is now available also in the following formats:
- Image (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF)

8. ColorPro can now export and import ColorPic palettes

9. ColorPro can select any color (right click or left click -so when you click on a button you don't activate that button's action) from anywhere on the screen directly into the current palette from the Edit Palette section (using the Magnifier Tool). Be sure to have the Magnifier window "Pick" check box checked before starting to select colors. Checking the 'Select Frenzy' checkbox and having the magnifier opened you could send ColorPro to tray and start picking colors from anywhere on the screen by clicking the left mouse button. The current color (under the mouse cursor) will be visible in the magnifier window.

10. You can now select a portion of the screen (left click, drag and release) and get it's color palette: Go New Tab as SELECT IMAGE

11. Added 'Magnifier Hi-Lite Checked' and "Magnifier Hi-Lite Color" settings

12. Retrieve the image from Clipboard and get it's palette: Go New Tab as CLIPBOARD IMAGE

13. System palettes are not loaded at startup: you can refresh the 'System Palettes' list or recreate them again.

14. Added new default (system) palettes. Here are all system palettes:
- All Named Colors
- Web Safe Colors
- Basic Colors
- Red Web Safe
- Blue Web Safe
- Green Web Safe
- Yellow Web Safe
- Cyan Web Safe
- Magenta Web Safe
- Grayscale

Sunday, December 20, 2009

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