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Sunday, December 27, 2009

ColorPro 2.0 Released

ColorPro 2.0 has been released. To update to this new version you will have to quit ColorPro 1.0 if it's running then download and install ColorPro 2.0.

Here are the new functionalities and improvements added in version 2.0.

1. Color Chip shapes can now be set to:
- rectangles
- ellipse
- rhombus
- honeycomb1
- honeycomb2

2. Color Pickers show now extra color spaces:

3. Color complement selection (based on Hue). Selection of complements is available from a "star" like figure.

4. Color Chip/Palette wide color value modification by applying addition or substraction of:
- RGB sliders (add/substract individual R, G, B channels or all R, G, B channels at once)
- CMYK sliders (add/substract individual C, M, Y, K channels or all C, M, Y, K channels at once)
- HSV sliders (add/substract individual H, S, L channels or all H, S, L channels at once)

5. Color Chip/Palette wide color value modification by applying filters :
- Same filters as above for R, G, B and C, M, Y, K channels

6. Searching palette is now possible in the 'Palettes' tab. Search is done by Name, description, number of chips, palette type, user color name of the chip, user color description of the color chip and user color key of the color chip.

7. Exporting palettes is now available also in the following formats:
- Image (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF)

8. ColorPro can now export and import ColorPic palettes

9. ColorPro can select any color (right click or left click -so when you click on a button you don't activate that button's action) from anywhere on the screen directly into the current palette from the Edit Palette section (using the Magnifier Tool). Be sure to have the Magnifier window "Pick" check box checked before starting to select colors. Checking the 'Select Frenzy' checkbox and having the magnifier opened you could send ColorPro to tray and start picking colors from anywhere on the screen by clicking the left mouse button. The current color (under the mouse cursor) will be visible in the magnifier window.

10. You can now select a portion of the screen (left click, drag and release) and get it's color palette: Go New Tab as SELECT IMAGE

11. Added 'Magnifier Hi-Lite Checked' and "Magnifier Hi-Lite Color" settings

12. Retrieve the image from Clipboard and get it's palette: Go New Tab as CLIPBOARD IMAGE

13. System palettes are not loaded at startup: you can refresh the 'System Palettes' list or recreate them again.

14. Added new default (system) palettes. Here are all system palettes:
- All Named Colors
- Web Safe Colors
- Basic Colors
- Red Web Safe
- Blue Web Safe
- Green Web Safe
- Yellow Web Safe
- Cyan Web Safe
- Magenta Web Safe
- Grayscale

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Iconico.com Christmas and New Year's 40% Off

Iconico.com is planning a 40% off on almost all Iconico software products.

You can get huge savings on software like Screen Calipers, Data Extractor and Clipstory.

To get the discount simply enter the coupon code 200940OFF during the checkout process.

This promotion will last from 23 December 2009 until 3rd of January 2010, so hurry now as we won't be repeating it any time soon!

Iconico.com Christmas and New Year's 40% Off

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sleepy No Longer Hosted on Iconico.com

As of today Sleepy has moved to a new website which will be the home of Sleepy going forward. Find out more here:


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Window Nudger Released

Window Nudger Window Nudger Believe it or not, but there are times when using a mouse can actually be counterproductive! Is your mouse old, broken, or just acting strangely? Has the clutter on your desk forced you to confine your working area to just a tiny sliver of open desktop? Have you ever tried to work on a laptop on one of those tiny airline seatback trays? Sure, laptops have touchpads, but wouldn’t it be just easier, and more productive, if you never had to take your fingers off of your keyboard?

Window Nudger is the perfect tool for the keyboard warrior in all of us! Imagine being able to move, resize, cascade, tile, drag and hide any application window using simple hotkey combinations! Window Nudger even lets you set the distance between cascaded and tiled windows.

Window Nudger is the smart choice for anyone who’d rather not fuss with a mouse to perform common Windows tasks!

Window Nudger runs on Windows XP and Vista.
  • You may download the feature limited trial, and evaluate the software for as long as you need
  • Single User license is only $9.50
  • We offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee

To see screenshots check out our Getting Started Guide.

Find Out More about Window Nudger.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Software Industry Conference 2009

This year's 2009 Software Industry Conference was no disappointment. With some great speakers and great company it was an excellent chance to put some faces to names that we knew only by email and newsgroup postings. This year we spent a lot of time talking in the hospitality suites, here's who was on hand:
Nico and Roger hang out in the BitsDuJour exhibition booth on Friday night. We had a lot of familiar faces and some new ones stop by, a really great night.
We had some tasty "bytes" on offer on the exhibition night too.
Nico chats with Oliver Grahl, who tops the BitsDuJour leaderboard of top sellers for PDF Annotator
Mike Dulin cracks jokes at the ASP Luncheon.
Most of the e-commerce providers were on hand at the SIC this year. We caught up with the new e-commerce company UpClick.
Rik Roberts shows how a real man should perform at the Shareware Industry Awards.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Software Industry Conference

Catch us at the Software Industry Conference in Boston tomorrow and all weekend. Stop by our exhibition booth Friday night.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

ColorPic Just Got Better: Introducing ColorPro

ColorPro At Iconico we've offered our free ColorPic for years. It's so popular that it is the number one downloaded colorpicker on the web, however we thought it was time we went 'Pro".

The all-new ColorPro has the same great color manipulation abilities, but with so much more. We've added webpage and image color extraction and manipulation, and advanced palette management, import and export. Once you go Pro you won't go back.

With ColorPro, you’ll be able to store collections of color chips as palettes, with the power to create new palettes or modify existing palettes to meet changing design needs. Using an intuitive user interface that loads web pages, HTML code, and graphics files in their own tabs, ColorPro gives you an easy way to precisely identify colors and acquire them for your own projects. With three options for creating your own color chips, and complete control over RGB values as well as hue, lightness, and saturation levels, ColorPro is the easiest way to integrate color management into your web development workflow.

ColorPro also excels at color management for existing websites, allowing you to set new colors for various elements of your site with just a few clicks. Now, trying out a new color scheme for your website doesn’t involve hours of manual recoding!

Read More about ColorPro
Download Now

Friday, June 5, 2009

UltimaCalc come to Iconico.com

UltimaCalcWe're thrilled to announce that UltimaCalc has come to Iconico.com! UltimaCalc represents a new turning point in the evolution of calculator applications, letting scientists, engineers, researchers, and students tackle complex and sophisticated computations that simply aren’t possible using other calculators.

Other calculator applications suffer from limited functionality due to lack of scope. UltimaCalc delivers the superior calculator experience by allowing you to open new UltimaCalc windows that are specifically designed for specialized calculations. The results obtained using these tools can be saved and opened in the main UltimaCalc window.

UltimaCalc isn't just a numerical calculator, it can also plot functions and draw charts:

Solve Triangles UltimaCalc charts

Using these dedicated tools, you can:
  • Perform symbolic algebra
  • Calculate standard deviation
  • Calculate regression and least squares fit
  • Solve simultaneous linear and non-linear equations
  • Minimize or optimize the values of any given expression
  • Plot up to eight functions at a time, with export to image file
  • Calculate the real roots of polynomials
  • Solve for the solution of a triangle
  • Create many types of charts, with export to image file
  • Calculate navigation routes between two points
And that's just an abbreviated list!

UltimaCalc runs on Windows XP and Vista.
  • You may download the feature limited trial, and evaluate the software for as long as you need
  • Single User license is only $29.95
  • We offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee
Download UltimaCalc Read More

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Line Reader v2.0 Released

Line ReaderVersion 2 of the Line Reader has been released. The line reader turns your mousepointer into a line, making it extremely easy to read through long paragraphs of text. With this release we've added some new features to speed your reading.

The application now includes saved profiles, a muli-line capability, keyboard nudge control and auto scrolling lines. We've also added the capability to change the way the line itself functions, inverting the text beneath it, or using a number of graphical effects. Just take a look at our new movies of the Line Reader in action and you'll see how useful this application really is.

Line Reader runs on Windows XP and Vista.
  • You may download the feature limited trial, and evaluate the software for as long as you need
  • Single User license is only $19.50
  • We offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee

To see screenshots check out our Getting Started Guide.

Find Out More about Line Reader.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Jobs Forum for Software Marketing Resource

We've added a new Jobs section to the Software Marketing Resource Community Forums. Please feel free to post any new job offers that you may have, including requests for marketing services.


Friday, April 10, 2009

More Tweeting, Get Software Marketing Resource Articles on Twitter

We've set up the Software Marketing Resource Articles feed to post to Twitter, fly on over to: http://twitter.com/SMRarticles

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Software Marketing Resource Re-Launched

We're very happy to announce the relaunch of Software Marketing Resource.

Software Marketing Resource is a revolutionary web community designed to serve the changing needs of independent software developers worldwide. Our target users include just about anyone that writes, develops, or distributes software. To this end, Software Marketing Resource offers a wealth of forums, articles, resources, and targeted services that’ll provide the tools to market software like the big boys, on a limited or even non-existent budget. If you’re a software marketer, marketing copywriter, eCommerce provider, SEO service provider, or at all count independent software developers among your target customer base, you’ll find numerous opportunities to connect with potential clients and spread the word about your particular product or service.

Software Marketing Resource is about making connections, making information more accessible, and unifying the software marketing landscape.

So stop in, look around, and contribute if you’d like.

It’s free!

Monday, February 23, 2009

ColorPic Web Palette Generator

We all love ColorPic's ability to quickly and easily capture colors from the scxreen and make palettes, but wouldn't it be great if we could easily see those palettes in a web browser. Well thanks to "l u c h y x", a ColorPic fan, we now have that ability! You can use the ColorPic Web Palette Generator plugin to automatically create html previews of all your palettes, and also check how the text and background will look.

Find out more about the Web Palette Generator for ColorPic
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Line Reader Released

Line Reader Line Reader What if there was one simple application could help guide your eyes while reading, making digesting long electronic documents easier and more efficient? That’s the core reason behind Line Reader, along with a few bonus features that will make this app an indispensable part of your user experience!

Line Reader addresses a dilemma that we all face at some point – how to manage reading long documents online. If we were reading a book or printed article, we could use an index card to mark our place and guide the path of our vision. Since holding an index card up to your computer screen is impractical, we’ve created Line Reader to navigate you through the rough waters of electronic documentation.

With Line Reader, your mouse cursor transforms into a handy reading aid, taking the form of a horizontal line that you use to track your spot in any online document or web page. You can customize the length, width, and color of your line, as well as invoke a secondary helper line that serves to further emphasize the location of your cursor. One click, and your line flips to the vertical, which is convenient for highlighting entire paragraphs, steps in a recipe, or assembly instructions.

Line Reader runs on Windows XP and Vista.
  • You may download the feature limited trial, and evaluate the software for as long as you need
  • Single User license is only $19.50
  • We offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee

To see screenshots check out our Getting Started Guide.

Find Out More about Line Reader.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lesson Plans for the Screen Protractor in Google Earth

The Screen Protractor is a fantastic teaching aid for mathematics and geography as it can be used to measure angles on top of any other image. We've used the protractor in Google Earth allowing students to measure angles between real-life geographical locations.

Download the Lesson Plans


Monday, January 19, 2009

LookDisk now integrated into Windows Explorer

LookDisk We're happy to announce the release of version 4.2 of LookDisk. LookDisk is excellent at finding duplicate files, searching for files and finding text in files. Being able to specify multiple places to search in is a real timesaver, and the results grid has some powerful options that you can access by right clicking a file. You can easily select file groups based on your own parameters.

latest version of LookDisk, version 4.2, now supports integration directly in Windows Explorer. You can simply select a folder that you want to scan and right click to bring up the LookDisk menu. Choose from 'Find Files', 'Find Text' or 'Find Duplicate Files' and all of the files within your chosen folder will be scanned.

The software is available on trial download and can be purchased for $29.50. Feel free to download and give it a test run.

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