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Saturday, June 20, 2009

ColorPic Just Got Better: Introducing ColorPro

ColorPro At Iconico we've offered our free ColorPic for years. It's so popular that it is the number one downloaded colorpicker on the web, however we thought it was time we went 'Pro".

The all-new ColorPro has the same great color manipulation abilities, but with so much more. We've added webpage and image color extraction and manipulation, and advanced palette management, import and export. Once you go Pro you won't go back.

With ColorPro, you’ll be able to store collections of color chips as palettes, with the power to create new palettes or modify existing palettes to meet changing design needs. Using an intuitive user interface that loads web pages, HTML code, and graphics files in their own tabs, ColorPro gives you an easy way to precisely identify colors and acquire them for your own projects. With three options for creating your own color chips, and complete control over RGB values as well as hue, lightness, and saturation levels, ColorPro is the easiest way to integrate color management into your web development workflow.

ColorPro also excels at color management for existing websites, allowing you to set new colors for various elements of your site with just a few clicks. Now, trying out a new color scheme for your website doesn’t involve hours of manual recoding!

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Gordon said...
I have been a ColorPic user for years. It is excited to hear about the new features in the Pro Version.

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