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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Software Marketing Resource Re-Launched

We're very happy to announce the relaunch of Software Marketing Resource.

Software Marketing Resource is a revolutionary web community designed to serve the changing needs of independent software developers worldwide. Our target users include just about anyone that writes, develops, or distributes software. To this end, Software Marketing Resource offers a wealth of forums, articles, resources, and targeted services that’ll provide the tools to market software like the big boys, on a limited or even non-existent budget. If you’re a software marketer, marketing copywriter, eCommerce provider, SEO service provider, or at all count independent software developers among your target customer base, you’ll find numerous opportunities to connect with potential clients and spread the word about your particular product or service.

Software Marketing Resource is about making connections, making information more accessible, and unifying the software marketing landscape.

So stop in, look around, and contribute if you’d like.

It’s free!


Congrats on the re-launch of Software Marketing Resource. Best of luck to you. I will be interested to check out the new and exciting items.


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