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Thursday, June 5, 2008

LookDisk Released

LookDisk We're happy to announce the release of LookDisk. I know I've been frustrated by the regular search that comes standard with Windows, and once I've turned off the little animated character that comes with it i'm often left wanting more. With LookDisk you get all the advanced searching capabilites that you've wanted.

LookDisk is excellent at finding duplicate files, searching for files and finding text in files. Being able to specify multiple places to search in is a real timesaver, and the results grid has some powerful options that you can access by right clicking a file. You can easily select file groups based on your own parameters.

The software is available on trial download and can be purchased for $29.50. Feel free to download and give it a test run.


Anonymous said...
An amateurish addition to a mature market, in my opinion. There are better search apps out there. There are better disk analysis apps out there.

Guess you need another new app to release through Bits du Jour, eh?
Unknown said...
I couldn't disagree with you more 'Anonymous'. If you download a nd take a look at LookDisk you'll find that it's got some very sophisticated features for analyzing folders for duplicate files that are not present in a number of the competitors. The selections on the results screen are a perfect example of this.

I also don't really understand your comment about Bits Du Jour. We have products from a huge range of vendors, and also occasionally feature Iconico software.

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