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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ColorPro and Image Filter Pro 100 promotion

We're happy to announce the ColorPro and Image Filter Pro promotion lasting between June-12-2010 and June-21-2010 in which Iconico.com offers the two products for the price of 1.

Please take the following actions to beneficiate of this offer:
- go to the ColorPro page here: http://www.iconico.com/colorpro and press the Buy button
- go to the Image Filter Pro 100 page here: http://www.iconico.com/imagefilterpro and press the Buy button
- at this point you will have the two products in your product cart
- enter the following coupon code: CLRPROIMF100 in the 'Coupon Code' field and press the 'Enter' button.
- press the 'Proceed to Checkout' button

These two applications are perfect for harmonizing colors and improving your images.
ColorPro can be found here
Image Filter Pro 100 can be found here



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