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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Screen Divider Released

Screen Divider Screen Divider Those of you who perform a lot of drafting and design work understand that the most important factor, above all else, is accuracy! Back when most of the design work was done in hardcopy, it was easy enough to find yourself bent over a schematic, measuring and comparing to make certain that everything was precise. It’s funny to think how computers have actually made this task more difficult!

You can’t hold a measurement device like a ruler or protractor up to a computer display and expect it to be accurate! That’s why Screen Divider was developed – to give you a reliable way to measure distances, Cobb angles, and confirm parallel lines, for any image or schematic that’s on your computer screen!

Screen Divider directly addresses an ongoing problem facing all designers that work with digital renderings – how to quickly and effectively conduct length, width, and angle measurements without having to print out hardcopy.

With Screen Divider, you’ll have a convenient measuring tool that runs as an overlay on your computer screen and is fully configurable using only your mouse. Use the intuitive controls to adjust the width of your divider lines to ensure that your on-screen elements are evenly spaced. Add a second divider to calculate Cobb angles. Or use Screen Divider to confirm that two lines are perfectly parallel.
Combine this functionality with Screen Divider’s ability to measure the distance between any two points on your screen, assist in measuring the angle between any two lines, or determine the angle of any line with the horizontal, and you have the makings of an indispensable part of your development toolkit!

Screen Divider runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • You may download the feature limited trial, and evaluate the software for as long as you need
  • Single User license is only $29.50
  • We offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee
To see screenshots check out our Getting Started Guide and Online Help.

To see the movies click here.


soup said...
both the forums and contact pages by iconico.com do not work !
You just get a large asp error

Stack Trace:

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Unknown said...
We're in the process of migrating our web servers, sorry for the errors, should be resolved soon.

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